BLU-Beirut was established in 2005, as a joint venture between Youssef Abi Jaoude and BLU: Architecture and Interior Design leading practice with offices in KSA and Egypt, owned & managed by Yasser Kaaki, with the aim of providing a professional and comprehensive service that integrates Architecture and Interior Design, to make a complete product for coherency.

We have brought a diverse range of projects to life, from up-scale Residential (Luxury Apartments and Villas) to Commercial projects such as Hotels, Restaurants, Offices, and Retail projects…. and this across  several countries such as Lebanon, Egypt, KSA, Kuwait and the United Kingdom.

Our priorities are to meet the needs of the client, while simultaneously inducing a concept that is based on the production of a complete unit that incorporates a harmonious combination between its interior and exterior. We bring together classically inspired Elegance and contemporary Innovation and most of all understand that each project is unique.